After 30 years of economic reform, China appears to have shifted its focus toward social issues such as a more even distribution of income, improving the quality of life for the poorest and enhancing the welfare system.

Often social reform and economic development are seen as pursuing opposite goals at the expense of each other. But this is not always true and especially in the case of China, economic gains and social improvements both can be achieved hand in hand.

I am happy to see significant improvements made in the healthcare system over the last couple of years. China is taking the right steps to fix a problem that has become very serious since the reform and opening up.

Reforming the healthcare system in such a large country with such a large population is a daunting task and to find a solution the interests of all involved must be aligned: the government, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment suppliers, hospitals, doctors and, last but not least, the patients. The magnitude of the problem and the difficulty in finding a comprehensive solution for it should not force us into a state of inertia.